Happy Balentine’s Day ;)

I personally have never been super into Valentine’s day.  I have always celebrated, and, like every woman, have expected a little something that day 🙂  Brent and I have always been pretty subtle though, and it worked for us.

Cayden however….LOVES Valentine’s day ❤  She loved the color scheme, obviously, the treats, the hearts, everything.  This past Valentine’s day, she spent the entire month until St. Patrick’s Day telling every one “Happy Balentine’s Day”.
Last year Brent had to work on Valentine’s day.  It fell on a Friday and he was gone until 9 that night.  He knew his girls would be home together, celebrating a ladies day.  When we got home from work/school that day Brent had left gifts and a balloon on the couch for his favorite people.  Cayden’s face lit up with excitement when she saw that there were surprises for her and mommy on the couch.  My heart filled with joy to see her so happy.  I told her that Daddy was her Valentine and he bought her special gifts because she is so wonderful.
Last year, Valentine’s day was PERFECT.  Cayden wore a cute outfit with a heart on the front, she had a valentine’s party at school and she came home with lots of goodies from her class.
2015 is going to be hard.  It is going to be our “1st” everything without her.  First birthdays, holidays; things just won’t be the same.  Cayden enjoyed holidays and celebrations so much.  She looked forward to the little parties at school with all of her friends.  I would always buy her a special outfit for the day to make her feel special.  She would be so proud when she walked in the door at school to show her teachers and friends what she was wearing.
My friend Nicki said it best when she spoke at Cayden’s funeral.  Although Brent and I had such a short time with her, our time was filled with overwhelming love.  If God gave us the choice to pick Cayden all over again, knowing that she would be with us for just a short time, we would have picked her again and again.  She is such a special gift.
Cayden’s grave is decorated for Valentine’s day…just the way she would like it.  I can see her little face now smiling looking at how pretty it is.  Tomorrow I plan to go visit her and wish my sweet little Valentine a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.  I wouldn’t miss a Valentine’s day with her ❤  She will always be my love and my Valentine.
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One thought on “Happy Balentine’s Day ;)

  1. This holiday is all about her favorite color isn’t it?! Pink pink everywhere! Like I texted you over the weekend, the cupcake display at the grocery store made me think of Cayden because it was ALL PINK! I am certain she was missed very much today at AEL’s valentine party. The Valentine wreath you put on her grave is so pretty and I believe she was definitely smiling over it! She is in everybody’s heart on this Valentine’s Day.

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