Happy Birthday Daddy!

This weekend we will be celebrating Brent’s 31st birthday.  As I think about the day, who we will spend it with and where we will go, I can’t help but think about the most important little person that we miss.  Cayden loved a good birthday party. She loved singing Happy Birthday, having lots of her favorite people over and especially eating birthday cake 🙂
For Brent and I, birthdays, milestones and holidays will never be the same again. Although life goes on and we do our best to enjoy each day in Cayden’s memory, a little piece of us will always be missing.  At this time last year, we would have never pictured a birthday party without her.  Cayden made celebrating anything a real treat.  She enjoyed shopping with me at party city to pick up decorations.  She always volunteered to be a helper when it came time to decorate or make treats. Cayden made our lives rich with happiness….and looking back at all the pictures and memories, she still does.
So, Brent doesn’t know it yet, but I think we will be starting a new family tradition this year.  In honor of Cayden and how much she loved birthdays and cake, we will be having a pink dessert in her honor.  I know she will be in Heaven celebrating with us, and she will be soooo excited to see her Daddy eat a pink dessert 😉
Also, for Cayden’s birthday this year we would like to do something very special. May 18th will be Cadybug day.  I would like to take suggestions from everyone for great ideas on how to celebrate and honor our baby.  So follow the blog and leave a message below with fantastic ideas! (obviously its going to HAVE to include a trip to the beach).  Then, on her birthday, I will blog about our May 18th celebration ❤
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“They say that from the instant he lays eyes on her, a father adores his daughter. Whoever she grows up to be, she is always to him that little girl in pigtails. She makes him feel like Christmas. In exchange, he makes a secret promise not to see the awkwardness of her teenage years, the mistakes she makes or the secrets she keeps.” –Everwood

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Daddy!

  1. We all know how much she loved cake!! No food or snacks…she always wanted the cake! I love the pic with the girls standing on your chairs digging into her 2nd bday cake licking the icing off the candles!!! I know Zaria’s bday parties will never be the same without Cayden! And May 18th we will be eating the BIGGEST PINKEST CUPCAKE EVER!!!

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  2. In some cultures they celebrate loved ones by making all their favorite foods and having a small get together of closest family and friends. They can enjoy being close to them with support and enjoy the persons favorite activities and treats. Possibly a picnic at the beach? Scatter rose petals on the ocean at the end of the festivities?

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  3. First off, happy birthday Brent 🎂📦🎉 but as for birthday suggestions, we should have a big party at chicks beach! Balloons, Cayden’s favorite songs playing, everyone in attendance will be decked out in pink and of course we have to have a cake! Any kind, sheet cake, cake pops, cupcakes; doesn’t matter because remember, she just came for the cake😉 let me know if you need any help with this, I’d love to help. Love you

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  4. Happy Birthday Brent! The pink dessert is a great idea! We have celebrated every birthday with Cayden at her parties and will continue to do so on Cadybug Day!! I’ll get back to you with an idea of my own but I love Heather’s idea of the lanterns! Just like Rapunzel–Cayden would love that!!

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