My name is Jessica Smith.  I am the mother of a sweet little girl named Cayden Gracie who passed away suddenly on Dec. 5th, 2014.  She was 3 and a half and the most vibrant, sweet and sassy little lady I have ever met.  I loved every second of being her mommy and I feel so blessed that God chose me to take care of her on this earth.

In this blog I will share my life with her with you all 🙂  I want to give you the inside scoop on what it was like to hang out with Jessica and Cayden.  I want to celebrate her life, her family, her friends and the people who love her.  I will also talk about losing her and my life after she went to Heaven.

I hope these little bits of me and Cadybugs’ life brings happiness in the hearts of those that love Cayden and miss her.  I miss her with every breath ❤


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  1. I love this! I always loved looking at the pics and videos you shared. I hope this helps you and everyone else. Just remember she’s always smiling down on you and her whole family. Still praying for you all.

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  2. I’m looking forward to this Jess! Cadybug was Zaria’s best friend and out of the love everyone shared with her…there’s nothing like a mother’s love and she felt that every minute of every day with you! Share that with the world!!!! We love you and are on this journey with you! ♡♡♡♡

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  3. My friend Michele Tisdale told me about your blog. I just read it and fell absolutely in love with your daughter. Your story and ability to share your precious memories of Cayden with others is beyond belief. As I read your blog (at work) I openly sobbed at my desk, not very professional but I just could not help it. And then through the tears came laughter about her excitement for running errands, her world famous banna bread and of course powdered doughnut holes:-). She just touched me so much. I think it is her eyes that got to me the most, so loving, gentle and warm (which perfectly matches her hair). Even her name,Cayden, is so precious and beautiful to me, I love it! Even though I have never met either of you, as a mom myself, I can almost hear you calling her. My daughter Tanise just turned 11 and will do my very best to cherish each and every moment I have with her, mainly because she is the love of my life, but also because of you, your courage, your sincerity and of course because of Cadybug.

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