This time last year…

I was feeling nostalgic early this morning and decided to look back in my folder of pictures to see what I was doing this week last year.  As I searched through the images, I smiled. This time last year it was snowing.  Cayden was excited to wake up in her new snowman jammies and see a blanket of white in her front yard.  Looking through the pictures, the feelings that I had on that very day filled my heart.  It was a wonderful day….pretty much perfect actually.  Work and school were canceled.  Cayden and I spent the whole day together.

It was a great time to be snowed in.  I was really working with Cayden to finally get her potty trained for good.  Every time she successfully used the potty, I would cheer loudly and give her a high-five!  I had a basket of little toys next to the toilet that Brent and I had picked up at the dollar store.  Every visit to the potty got her a prize from the basket.
Along with working on that milestone, we made banana bread, blew bubbles (in the house!) and put flowers in the snow.  That girl LOVED to help you in the kitchen.  She would sit on the counter next to me and help me pour in and stir all of the ingredients. Cayden made delicious banana bread.

She is and will always be my best friend.  Spending the whole day just hanging out with her is what I lived for.  I never had more fun than the times that we stayed in and did fun things together.  Cadybug was the best friend a girl could have on lazy days.

This blog will be short and sweet.  I don’t really have much to say.  I guess I never realized how important these random, silly pictures would be one day.  Most of the pictures I took just for fun.  I enjoyed capturing her in all her fun and sweet moments. Take as many pictures of your kids as you can.  When you look back at them, the happy moments will come back every time.
So, I will let the pictures below speak for themselves.  Just looking at them, you will know how much fun we had on that snow day, no words needed 🙂
IMG_4109 IMG_4152 IMG_4117 IMG_4095 IMG_4090 IMG_4067 IMG_4082 IMG_4069

7 thoughts on “This time last year…

  1. Jessica; I could never in my life do what your doing. I truly feel God and Cayden are right beside you and Brent. Thanks for sharing these blogs; it really makes anyone who reads it see just how great of a young lady you are. God Bless!!

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